Bilo jaje
Konoba Šampjer
Kod Kate
Pizzeria Kaprije
Konoba Antonio (Put gornjih mula b.b.)




On the island of Kaprije you cannot stay hungry! In our restaurants you can order delicious specialties made of fresh caught fish and other seafood, and taste the finest wine, which perfectly agree with every dish. Our catering offer can be tasted in restaurant “Neptun” or in tavern “Šampjer” and in a pizza place “Kaprije".

If you want to have a drink or refresh yourself with an ice-cream, you can do so in a coffee shop “Lola”, located in the centre of Kaprije, or if you're going to explore the other side of the island, you can have a lunch in Konoba Antonio.

There is also a grocery store, with all necessary supplies, located in the centre of Kaprije and which is regularly supplied with fresh bread and lots of newspapers and magazines.

All kind of newspapers from your country can be found in a newsstand also in the centre of the island.

If you wish to send a postcard or a letter, describing your days swimming in the sea and lying around on a hot sun, you can do so in a Postal office located above the store.

The local celebration is held every year at June 29th when St. Peter is celebrated, the patron of the island of Kaprije, and also the name of the church built on the hill, on top of the island. The locals are getting ready all day for the celebration and when the night comes they start playing tombola, sing, have bowling tournaments and enjoy the songs of choral associations.

Also, for several years on the islands of Sibenik (including the Kaprije) are held Bodulska pripetavanja, it is a form of entertainment in which is not important to win, but to participate and have a lot of fun. The exact dates of the maintenance is not known in advance, but usually they are held in the heart of the tourist season.


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